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NovoPath is a Complete Software Platform for Anatomic Pathology Labs
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NovoPath is a Complete Software Platform for Anatomic Pathology Labs. NovoPath™ is an anatomic pathology laboratory information management software platform that acts as a data warehouse for all the pathology cases and offers solutions for reporting, image acquisition, label printing, electronic signoff, synoptic reporting, voice dictation, billing, outreach and more. It is designed for use at independent pathology practices and for easy integration with an existing Hospital Management System. NovoPath™ is the clear choice, It is extremely easy to use; transcriptionists have found it to be extremely intuitive, requiring very little training. Our system approach guarantees that your practice will have a worry-free transition into today’s technology. While others are still struggling with out-dated technologies, you can relax knowing you’ve chosen the best. You do not have to invest in any proprietary hardware. In fact, you may already have all the hardware you need. With the right partnerships, good things can and do happen. NovoPath™ is your partner for success. Some clinicians now expect to see an annotated organ map, a microscopic or a gross image, a table or a histogram, or additional medical reference information related to the specific case diagnosis. Others prefer a more compact report. Either way, you can differentiate your service with customized reports that add a professional touch in the format your clinicians request.
Once your results are electronically signed out, you can release them directly to an EMR or practice management system. Alternately, you can deliver them via WAN or dial-up remote color printing, fax, e-mail, voice, FTP, HL7, XML, web, SOAP, or other electronic methods. With NovoPath™, you can deliver patient results to your physicians using any combination of today’s methods and those sure to come in the future.

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